• Image of Manifest - The Path To Resistance (Tape)

Super political hardcore from the industrial north, Manifest have fast become one of the most outspoken but fun to watch positive hardcore bands to come out of Manchester in ages. This tape is issued on 'Prison Safe' tapes and the sleeves are printed on 100% recycled paper.

This tape also includes their storming first album 'Still Relevant' as a bonus on side B and includes a free download code.

Track List;

'The Path To Resistance'

1. Destructive Oppressive
2. Giving The People What They Want
3. Untried War Criminal
4. The Last Angry Man
5. United Under Tyranny
6. Do You Ever Wish You Were Better Informed?
7. We're All Terrorists Now
8. One Man Riot
9. Digilatism
10. Still Relevant

'Still Relevant'

1. Open Your Eyes
2. Ordinary Man
3. Newspeak
4. Unity
5. Be The Best
6. Who Do You Think They're Trying To Control?
7. Famous For Nothing
8. The Modern World
9. Wallowing In The Muck Of Avarice
10. The Yes Man