• Image of Atterkop - Out Of The Cradle Endlessly Rocking 12" Vinyl LP

Bristolian political hardcore outfit Atterkop are back with 13 tracks of barnstorming bangers on clear vinyl. Guest vocals including Bridget Hart, Ian Perkins, Rollo the dog and Otto the cat. Recorded by Ian at Worse Than Bad and mixed/mastered by Matty Pumpkin at MOA.
Also co-released by Pumpkin Records and Abracadaboum.

Track listing;
1. Occluding Casts
2. Edgy
3. Picking Hairs
4. Feed
5. I See You (feat. B. Hart)
6. Lateral Excursion
7. I'm Fun
8. Prejudice Me Do It Better Than You
9. Just About Managing
10. Belligerence
11. Refine The Boundary
12. Godzilla
13. Project Fear